Co-authoring in Academic Research – from quarter-baked intuition to publication


Ciarán O’Kelly

Ciara Hackett

Harry Van Buren


November 3, 2022

A link to the podcast is here.

I speak with colleagues Dr Ciara Hackett (QUB School of Law) and Prof Harry Van Buren (the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Honorary Professor, QUB School of Law) about co-authoring in academic research.

We cover co-authoring and collaboration not only as a productivity ‘tool’ but, combined with patience (and the right people) as a way to make scholarly communities more enjoyable and kinder places to be.


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O’Kelly, Ciarán, Ciara Hackett, and Harry Van Buren. 2022. “Co-Authoring in Academic Research – from Quarter-Baked Intuition to Publication.” QUB LawPod.