Okpabi and others v Royal Dutch Shell Plc and another [2021] UKSC 3

business and human rights
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 72(1), 148-159

Samantha Hopkins

Ciarán O’Kelly

Ciara Hackett

Clare Patton


March 15, 2021

The paper is available here.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Okpabi and Others v Royal Dutch Shell plc and Another [2021] UKSC 3 follows a similar trajectory to its predecessors, Chandler v Cape plc [2012] EWCA Civ 525 and Vedanta Resources plc and Another v Lungowe and Others [2019] UKSC. In this short note, we explore the judgment in Okpabi and the implications of increased parent liability for subsidiaries’ actions. This decision removes procedural barriers for claimants particularly around jurisdiction and civil procedure. Specifically, we reflect on the potential that this judgment has for greater access to remedy for those who have suffered a negative human rights impact because of business activities.


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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Hopkins, Samantha, Ciarán O’Kelly, Ciara Hackett, and Clare Patton. 2021. “Okpabi and Others v Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Another [2021] UKSC 3.” Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 72 (1): 148–59. https://nilq.qub.ac.uk/index.php/nilq/article/view/922.