Internalities and the Foundations of Corporate Governance

corporate governance
Social & Legal Studies 21 (4), 469-489

Ciarán O’Kelly

Sally Wheeler


June 30, 2012

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This paper considers the potential contained in an ‘internalities’ approach to corporate governance. Rather than viewing the company as a ‘black box’ that can only be regulated through state action, we argue that corporate governance holds in tension the relationship between investors, managers and the corporate board. It is from that tension that a change in corporate culture will emerge. We argue that a state focus on promoting and managing the dialogical character of corporate governance will limit the negative effects of corporate power.


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For attribution, please cite this work as:
O’Kelly, Ciarán, and Sally Wheeler. 2012. “Internalities and the Foundations of Corporate Governance.” Social & Legal Studies 21 (4): 469–89.