The Regulation of Public Space in Northern Ireland

Irish Political Studies 22 (4), 565-584

Ciarán O’Kelly

Dominic Bryan


December 3, 2007

The paper is available here.

The Parades Commission of Northern Ireland was established to regulate the use of public space in the region. Its formal design includes both a role in mediating between groups over how spaces are used and an adjudicative role when agreement between competing groups cannot be reached. We argue that the Parades Commission has only been effective to the degree that its character as a bureaucracy has quelled violence surrounding parades. The Commission’s goal of conciliation cannot be attained without a more consistent, transparent and inclusive approach to applying law.


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For attribution, please cite this work as:
O’Kelly, Ciarán, and Dominic Bryan. 2007. “The Regulation of Public Space in Northern Ireland.” Irish Political Studies 22 (4): 565–584".