Child Poverty and Race, USA 2016

This week’s Tidy Tuesday invited us to examine county-level census data from 2016 in the United States (sourced here). I have been poking around in the data and discovered an interesting visual artefact in the following otherwise unsurprising quick plot: I split the USA’s 3,142 counties (excluding Puerto Rico) into regions, based on the US Census Bureau’s four statistical regions (pdf). I excluded Puerto Rico because its racial breakdown does not fit the exercise here.

Australia's legal profession and the gender income gap (and learning slopegraphs)

The R for Data Science community has been running a ‘Tidy Tuesday’ project for a few weeks. In essence they link to a data-driven paper and a somewhat tidy version of the paper’s underlying dataset. The challenge is to develop some visualisations etc from the data, all within the R for Data Science approach to working with R. This week’s challenge is drawn from an article on Australia’s pay gap.

Belfast trees

I was poking around the Open Data NI website this evening when I stumbled across the Belfast trees dataset. The dataset provides a location for each of 37,557 trees in the city (as of November 2015) plus its species, health and diameter. There’s a nice tree map here but I thought I might practice my R mapping skills for a bit of fun.