Two Seminars on Economics & Equality


I've just come across two seminars on the economy, on equality and the like and am posting them here as much for my own records as anything. 92nd Street Y First, featuring Paul Krugman, Thomas Piketty and Joseph Stiglitz, a seminar on inequality and economics, working off Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century: NYRB seminar Second, featuring Krugman again, and a host of other economists, a… [read more →]

Susan Hockey Lecture →

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Oh to live in London. I'm increasingly interested in the digital humanities and -- within the limits of my capacities for understanding -- corpus linguistics and so would love to attend the First Annual Susan Hockey Lecture, hosted by UCL's Centre for Digital Humanities.

I have a suspicion that there are lots of things scholars of law could be doing from corpus linguistics, what with the vast corpus of (supposedly) stable judicial texts that we have to hand. I've been playing with some Keyword in Context analyses, on which more when I get a chance, but suspect I could be doing much more.

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Jean Allain on Slavery and Human Rights.

See also his report on Forced labour’s business models and supply chains.